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Corporate Social Responsibility

Rajasthan Slate & Stone Export Inc. in its continuous efforts to positively impact the society, especially the areas around its sites and offices, has formulated policies for social development that are based on the following guiding principles:

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  • Adopt an approach that aims at achieving a greater balance between social development and economic development.
  • Adopt new measures to accelerate and ensure the satisfaction of the basic needs of all people.
  • Work towards elimination of all barriers for the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups- such as the poor or the disabled.
  • Give unfailing attention to children for in their hands lies the future of the country. It is for their sake that health, education and environment are given priority in our programme and investments.

Frankly speaking…..at Rajasthan Stones social responsibility has been the cornerstone of success right from the inception. The company’s objectives in this key performance area are enshrined in its Mission statement…to help enrich the quality of life of the community and preserve ecological balance and heritage through a strong environment conscience in the areas of our business interest."

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Apart from being responsible towards local community, we are 100% responsible towards our customers and our valued employees who are company’s assets:

Our responsibilities towards our esteemed clients:

  • Regular supply of right quality of material & at right time and place.
  • Charge reasonable prices.
  • Prompt, adequate and best customer service.
  • Prompt redressal of customer’s grievances.
  • Mutually beneficial business practices with full transparency.

Our responsibilities towards our esteemed employees:

  • Fair wages, salaries
  • Good and safe working conditions
  • Adequate service benefits
  • Recognition to employees & their contribution towards company’s growth.

Some of the positive outcomes that we feel after adopting a policy of social responsibilities are………lower operating costs, enhanced brand image and reputation, increased sales and customer loyalty, greater productivity and quality, more ability to attract and retain best man power for our production etc.

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